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February 27 2015

Polaroid Camera by The Telegraph on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
And now I can picture my grandmother Nammy taking pictures of my cousins and I with her Polaroid. I miss her.

August 06 2013

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COPS Theme Song Bad Boys
If you've ever heard "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle on the radio, chances are you were probably wondering when the COPS disclaimer was going to play.
Making popcorn by Buzz Feed on SoundCloud
Sometimes when I listen to this I swear I can smell Pop Secret Extra Butter in a microwave, like I used to eat when I was a kid. We pop ours on the stove now.
Roller Slide by Buzz Feed on SoundCloud
Oh, makes me think of good old DZ...God I loved that place.
VCR Rewind by Buzz Feed
Please be kind, rewind!

August 05 2013

I had this folder in the second grade!
More Lisa Frank stickers!
This stuff was really strong and minty!
Lisa Frank Sticker!
▶ Disney Intro by Buzz Feed
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